"Through My Window: Seas of Blue"

90"Hx 55"W ( 3 piece, 90"Hx21"W each) 

Nobang, silk thread
contemporary Bojagi


Participating Exhibition

My original interpretation of Korean antique bojagi and women’s lives in Korea has inspired my work and wearable pieces. The square exterior design of bojagi symbolizes a “window” which I used to stare out to observe the outside world as a child. I was born in a city, therefore; I never had the chance to experience the vast wilderness that was beautiful yet mysterious and scary. The “window” represents not only the boundary of comfort and safe zon but also the exit to explore the unknown world that so many Korean women who grew up in a traditional Confucian culture like me has often wondered about. I try to visualize both, the memories of my childhood and experience of current life in modern society. The artwork brings together my dual identities of being a Korean woman who is living in a western society.

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